Our services

  • Business strategy
  • Market develop activities
  • Startup on rental or leased buildings
  • Property evaluation
  • Evaluation of contractors for building construction and industrial installations
  • Previous startup activities
  • Interim management and reporting


Understanding your plans, we can develop market survey, simulate different business models, estimate direct and indirect costs and thus, guide you to the best location and the strategy that offers the best result.

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 can organize your participation in marketing events such as trade shows, exhibitions and workshops, allowing you to launch your products, arouse customer’s interest and conquer new market potential.

If you desire to travel to Brazil, we coordinate your stay and visits to possible partners and customers where we will act as your interpreter, disclosing technical information and advantages of your products and services.

If your initial strategy previews a market entry with low budget,  is able to select reliable business partners like Distributers or Representatives and verify their local market reputation, financial, technical and operational capacity and customers satisfaction.   


If your strategy is to startup in a rented or leased building as a way to mitigate risk while getting more experience, implications (mostly associated with environmental assets) have to be considered.

 Consulting will also be a valuable support on this matter.

Items to be checked during a regular evaluation for rental or leasing

  • Ownership regularity (irregularities, pendency’s and tax status)
  • Authorized soil usage (City and environmental authorities, considering present and future conditions)
  • Environmental asset as received
  • City operation certification
  • Firefighters project and certification
  • Environmental preliminary / installation and operation license
  • Environmental impact on neighborhood (and vice versa)

By the end of the leasing operation (when you will become the owner), it is mandatory to replace the items above by Land Pre Purchase Evaluation (LPPE).


Land pre-purchase evaluation is an essential step to conciliate the expectations of involved parties about a land transaction

When considering the Land Pre-Purchase Evaluation (LPPE) or a property including a building, is preferable to begin early by specifying in the intention letter or pre-purchase agreement, the conditions under which the buyer can modify the terms or even cancel the transaction if discrepancies are revealed as a result of the LPPE.

To avoid a conflict of interest, is highly recommended that the buyer select an independent consultancy that has not undertaken its regular land purchasing process, or had any other pre-existing relationship with the seller. The reason is because a local acting independent consultancy is better placed to provide a neutral and realistic report.

It is also important that the consultancy is able to demonstrate consistent experience with legal and environmental issues associated to regular land ownership in Brazil.

LPPE report will identify any discrepancies issues to both buyer and seller, to themselves agree regarding corrective actions.

Items to be checked during a regular LPPE:


  • Land registration (real state registration office)
  • Ownership regularity (irregularities, pendency’s and tax status)
  • Environmental identity of the area (depending on location, this task may involve several entities to regret and obtain original environmental definition of the land)
  • Authorized soil usage (City and environmental authorities)
  • Original topography

Owner (particular or legal person)

  • Tax debit status (City, State and Federal)
  • Existent demands at civilian court (also ongoing process)
  • Existent demands at criminal court (also ongoing process)
  • Existent demands at labor court (also ongoing process)
  • Additional patrimony (to compensate possible demands)

Present and previous operator since original land definition

  • Environmental licenses
  • Historic activities (soil usage) and it associated environmental impact

Land inspection

  • Changes on Topography
  • Surface characteristics
  • Rain water drainage (according to law)
  • Neighbors activities and their possible environmental impact

On demand: Land dimension (location, sides and area)

Area development

  • Access by road
  • Infrastructure (Energy and water, telecommunications)
  • Safety and security aspects
  • Environmental and zoning regulations and licensees

Tests (depending on previous usage, topography changes and neighbors activities)

  • Soil analysis
  • Soil compaction (surface, mid and deep until natural surface level)

Independently of their historic cases of constructions, or their impressive technical expertizes, it is mandatory to check the reliability of construction and industrial installation suppliers. The reason is because by the force of Brazilian law and independently of any contract clauses, contractors can be liable for labor rights if the supplier is under juridical investigation.

Items to be checked during a regular building contractors evaluations

  • Tax debit status (City, State and Federal)
  • Existent demands at civilian court (also ongoing process)
  • Existent demands at criminal court (also ongoing process)
  • Existent demands at labor court (also ongoing process)
  • Additional patrimony (to compensate possible demands)
  • Regular safety standards adopted with their employees
  • Licenses for the involved working conditions
  • Sub-contractors qualification

Inspection on site schedule 

Working conditions and compliance with safety and technical standards.


During the transfer of know-how and technology, we are able to develop a proper study on logistics and tax classification, to ensure the integrity of the bueraucratic import process and to seek the best framework among various customs categories to obtain tax benefits that result in cost savings.


During your business consolidation, we can support you with interim management, supervising and reporting until you can step on one’s own feet.