Logistics Factor

Brazil is a huge territory therefore the right choice for location is one of the key factors for your success.

Depending on your business, the choice must be supported by a detailed logistics analysis taking in consideration harbors, airports, local suppliers and potential customer base. Cases of activities where the volumes are not so relevant will allow more flexibility to the choice.

Due to our long term and praxis proofed business experience,      will also support you in choosing the best location alternatives. 

In addition, we can recommend international (Brazilian based) freight forwarders and pre-select trustful local transportation companies.

In order to ilustrate, see below the process example of a elementar logistics analysis:

1) Customers are placed on the area map by location and volume (In the example below, we are considering São Paulo State, 8 customers and total volume of 50 T/month).

2) A volume/distance graphic is developed starting with total volume (50 T) and run the map on West-East sense, and discount the volumes according to each customer’s perpendicular projection (red line in the example).

3) Same procedure is done in the opposed East-West sense (blue line in the example).

4) Same procedure is developed in the North-South axel (both senses), then trace W-E and N-S lines (in black) from where the graphics lines (red and blue) are crossing, the intersection of both lines (red ring) means the location of the shortest distance to all customers.


5) Finally, the procedure must be repeated replacing customers by suppliers. The best location for your base will be somewhere in between both customers and suppliers epicenters.